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2018-03-29Cross Country. Wind, Rain and Mud!
2018-03-23Money Received in School
2018-03-23Stars and Lunchbox of the Week w/c 19th March 2018
2018-03-16Stars and Lunchbox of the week w/c 12.3.18
2018-03-13Happy 20th Birthday to the Nursery
2018-03-09Stars and Lunchbox of the Week w/c 5.3.18
2018-03-09Stars and Lunchbox of the Week w/c 26.2.18
2018-03-02Cross Country Trials (2)
2018-03-01School and Snow
2018-02-16Stars and Lunchbox of the Week w/c 12th February 2018
2018-02-16February Half Term
2018-02-16Well Done to Staff and Children at St George’s
2018-02-16World Book Day
2018-02-16Cross Country Trials (1)
2018-02-09Stars and Lunchbox of the Week w/c 5th February 2018
2018-02-02Stars and Lunchbox of the Week 2nd February 2018
2018-02-02Sports Uniform and Running
2018-02-02Girls Year 3&4 Football
2018-02-02Artist in Residence- Church Foundation and Ethos
2018-01-26Stars of the Week w/c 22.1.18
2018-01-26Year 6 Booster Classes
2018-01-26Singing Club
2018-01-26Friendship Friday
2018-01-26Developments in the Teaching of Reading at St George’s
2018-01-26Parents’ Evening
2018-01-26Sports Teams- Basketball and Girls Football.
2018-01-19Stars of Week – w/c 15th January 2018
2018-01-19Extra SATS Briefing Session for Year 6 Parents 25th January
2018-01-19Link Your Phone to the New Website Calendar.
2018-01-19Sports Teams
2018-01-19Walking Bus
2018-01-19Parents’ Evenings
2018-01-12Stars of the Week w/c 8th Jan 2018
2018-01-12Reception Places Sept 2018
2018-01-12Special Lunch 18th Jan 2018
2018-01-05St George’s School Website Relaunch
2018-01-05Christmas and the Winter Weather
2018-01-04St George’s Church ‘SPLaT’ (Sing, Play, Listen and Talk)
2017-12-07New St. George's School Website
2017-12-06Christmas Carol Concert
2017-12-06Christmas Extravaganza
2017-12-06Phase 1 Nativity Plays