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Parents in School: St George’s has always tried to operate as an open, friendly school where parents can approach us where necessary. We are however getting a significant number of parents in cloakroom areas, classrooms and through school at the start and the end of the day. This is having an impact on children getting into class to start work and teachers getting lessons going in the morning. We also have to be mindful of potential security issues. From Monday morning we are asking parents to remain outside the classrooms from year 1 to year 6. Reception and nursery will still have their early work arrangements. This will improve morning organisation in school and give children the independence they need from year 1. If parents need to approach class teachers about an issue please ring through to school to make an appointment or see Mr Tyas around school each morning with the school bell.

Parents’ Evening: We have had very successful Parents’ Evening this week for year 1 to 6. As ever we thank you for your support on these crucial opportunities to work together on your child’s education. We are considering a change to future arrangements and would appreciate your input. Where there are a number of children within one family we realise it is sometimes difficult to coordinate appointments across Phase 1 and Phase 2. We are looking at an option of putting on Phase 1 and Phase 2 appointments on different evenings to help this situation. We are aware however that this will mean some families having to attend on two separate evenings. We would welcome your feedback before making this decision. Please contact the school office or see Mr Tyas. Thankyou.


Please note Foundation Stage Parents’ Evenings are on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

School Football Team out of the Shropshire Cup: Unfortunately our school football team went out of the Shropshire Cup this week. Mr Porteous and the boys are still in the Telford Cup competition and years 5 are still undefeated in their competitions.

Cross Country Season: We are approaching the cross country season again with the Telford Cross Country League races starting next half term. We will be encouraging children to get out training on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes. We are especially looking forward to our year 3 children running for the first time this year.


Reminder Asthma Consent Forms to the school office please.


Stars of The Week – Week ending 30th January

Nurs AM- Alfie Smith              1P- Bobby Murugadas            4H- Aaliyah Davis

Nurs PM- Ameleah White       1/2O- Miley-Mae Roberts       4P- Ella Ward

RT/C- Kieran Ward                 2B- Alfie Robertson                5P- Evan Corbett

RB- Sarah-Louise Wootten     2W- Caiden Hansen               5T- Maciej Polita

RC- Karna-Rose                     3H/B- Natasha Lucas             6CB- Chelsea Godding

1F/T- Yasmina                        3B- Lacey-Jones Langford     6RB- Kimberley Pearce

4M- Ben Rolling


Stars of The Week

Nurs AM- Amelie Barrow       1P- Ella-Mai Morris                 4H- Noah Sumnall

Nurs PM- Jamie Hope            1/2O- Bayley Standell            4P- Owen Smith

RT/C- Austin Hardman           2B- Cameron Fall                   5P- Lexie Mccartney

RB- Jack Cooper                    2W- Liam Ashley                    5T- Josh Bailey

RC- Mac Tong                                   3H/B- Brooklyn Yorke                        6CB-Kyle Nutting

1F/T- Oliver White                  3B- Brandon Sahota               6RB-Kiera-Meeson White

4M- Tyler Preston