Friday Flyer 18


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Changes to the Friday Flyer

From next week we will be changing the way the Friday Flyer is available for parents. Paper copies will no longer be sent automatically to every parent. The Friday Flyer will be sent to all parents as an attachment to a text. It will also be available on the new school website

W         We can still do paper copies for parents if you request them via the school office. This initiative is obviously designed to save paper, photocopying costs and time from office staff.

We will run this system as a trial until Whit week this year and then review arrangements.

Photograph Day Thursday 5th March

Next Thursday is school photograph day. We will open the doors at 8.30am for family groups with pre -school children. Throughout the day we will then do school aged families and individuals. The photographs will then be available for you to buy. A significant proportion of the cost goes towards school funds. This year we are putting the money raised towards improving playground facilities for all our children.

School Lunches and Playground Space

The number of children at St George’s C of E Primary School has grown over the last year or so. We are virtually full in all year groups. This inevitably puts pressure on space at playtime. In order to improve the quality of playtime for all children we are planning to stagger lunchtimes. Phase 1children will have a similar lunchtime to the present with Phase 2 having a later lunchtime. This will give our older children a little longer to eat their lunch as time is short with the number of free lunches now served at Phase 1.


Shanghai Teacher in school.

I have highlighted before, the school’s involvement in the national project to improve maths teaching by working alongside teachers in Shanghai. We are delight to welcome ‘Teacher Elva’ from Shanghai. She will be with us until 18th March. The focus of the work will be mainly with Phase 1 and she will be taking classes for maths lessons during this time. The children will experience the style of teaching from Shanghai which will be a wonderful opportunity for them.


Dates for the Half Term.

Tuesday 10th March               School Open Morning

Thursday 19th March              Year 2 SATS Information Evening

Friday 27th March                   Easter service at St George’s Church


Stars of The Week

Nurs AM- Ben Jones                       1P- Zara Khan                      4H- Tom Cooksey

Nurs PM- Ellie-Mae Gajewska       1/2O- Daniel Price               4P- Ryley Hansen

RT/C- George Henderson              2B- Ryan Souak                  5P- Reece-Coleshill Griffiths

RB- Skye                                           2W- Mckenzie Bradley        5T- Katelyn Howes

RC- Alice Barratt                              3H/B- Callum McCarthy      6CB- Sophie Edwards/Ellie

1F/T- Joann Brassington                3B- Carmen Taylor              6RB- Megan Lees

                                                            4M- Sam Howard


Lunchbox of the Week: Hannah Smith (Year 4) Salad Wraps, 2x Oranges, Raisins and Strawberries .Well Done!