Friday Flyer 15


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Parents’ Evenings for Years 1 to 6 and Foundation

Class teachers will have sent out booking arrangements for parents Evening. Please note years 1 to 6 are on February 2nd and 3rd and Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) are on February 10th and 11th.


Football Success

The school football team have got through to the next round of the Shropshire cup on Wednesday evening at the Shrewsbury Sports Village. They won all their games without conceding a goal!


Focus on Positive Learning Behaviour

As we start the new year we are refocusing on children at St George’s having a positive attitude to their learning at school. There will be a zero tolerance of children disrupting learning or breaking our codes of conduct at playtimes. The children in Phase 2 have been reminded during Wednesday assembly of our expectations at St George’s. This theme will be followed up on Friendship Fridays’ assembly


Arrangements for Mrs Holt’s Maternity Leave

I informed parents in last week’s Friday Flyer that Mrs Holt would be leaving us around 6th March. Miss Caven, our regular supply teacher will take the class up to Easter with Mr Blair. Miss Turner will then take over Mrs Holt’s teaching duties on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of the academic year. Miss Turner is an experienced St George’s member of staff. Mr Blair will continue in his present role teaching the class on Thursday and Friday.


Don’t forget opportunities for drum and percussion opportunities from last week’s Friday Flyer. Details at the school office.


Child Protection Training

St George’s C of E Primary School takes its’ safeguarding children very seriously. The last Ofsted inspection in March 2014 graded us as outstanding. As part of our procedures we ensure all staff at school are fully trained. Next week we have the first of two full staff training sessions on Child Protection procedures and practise. The Governors Safeguarding Committee monitor all practise and procedures throughout school.

Teachers from Shanghai Visiting St George’s

We are very privileged to be part of a national initiative to link maths teachers in Shanghai with schools in England. Miss Turner has already been to Shanghai, last autumn. Next half term a teacher from Shanghai will spend their time at St George’s. The focus for the visit will be Phase 1 maths lessons.


Stars of The Week

Nurs AM- Oliver Hope                     1P- Jaden Roberts               4H- Alicia Mayes

Nurs PM- Macy Davies                  1/2O- Elliot Simpson           4P- Fraser German

RT/C- Alfie                                        2B- Isabel Morris-Mcguire  5P- Kelsey Asante

RB- Erica Higgins                            2W- Jack Grice                     5T- Courtney Castle

RC- Shelby Whittall                        3H/B- Amelia Smith            6CB- Katelyn Fudge

1F/T- Joann Brassington                3B- Daniel Slade                 6RB- Olivia Mansell

4M- Ryan Kitching

PE Performer of the Week: Nathan Cherrington Lunch Box of the Week: Charlie Webb (Year 6) Cheese Sandwich, Cucumber slices, an orange and orange juice. Well Done!