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As part of our fund raising for the Summer Fair we are having a Mufti Day on Thursday 11th June. We are asking for a donation to the Fair, we would like, if possible, bottles, sweets or chocolate from every child that comes in Mufti. We will then sell the donations on the various stalls or raffles at the fair on Friday 12th June. There is no theme to the Mufti so children are free to choose whatever they want to wear for the day.

The Summer Fair itself will start at 3.30pm on Friday 12th June.


Sun Protection in School

We are hopefully getting to the time of year when the sun shines when children are out to play. We recommend that children bring a hat or cap with a broad brim or cap. Please consider long sleeve loose clothing it your child is particularly sensitive to the sun. If your child requires sun cream please apply this yourself in the morning before school. We will not be able to put sun cream on children during school time without an instruction from the doctor.


School Sports Days

I have set out below the dates and times for school sports days. Hopefully this gives you plenty of opportunity to make arrangements to attend.


Foundation Stage Monday 29th JuneMorning Nursery and Mrs Croft’s Class 9.30am

Afternoon Nursery and Mrs Tyas/Cooper and Miss Butterworth’s Class 2.00pm

Year 1 and 2   Tuesday 30th June- 9.30 am

Year 3 and 4   Wednesday 1st July-9.30am

Year 5 and 6   Thursday 2nd July- 9.30am


If any of the events are postponed due to the weather they will take place on the equivalent time and date the following week.


Year 5 Children’s Arthog Trip in September

Can I remind parents of children in year 5 to return the slip from the Arthog letter to request a place on the September trip. There is a meeting for parents on Thursday 25th June 3.30pm to go through the details of the trip.


Class Photographs

Proofs of class photographs will be coming home with the children today. If you wish to buy a photograph can you do so by 19th June.


Year 2 Relationships and Sex Education

A number of parents attended the viewing of the video for Relationships and Sex Education. We recommend that children take part in this important aspect of the curriculum; however, parents can withdraw their children if they wish. Please put your request in writing to Mr Tyas. We will, as a school, support those parents who wish to withdraw their children.

Stars of the week

Nurs AM - Reggie Wilson

Nurs PM - Ryan Pearce

RC - Shay Byrne

RCT - Eliza Haias

RB - Cody O'Connell

1P - Jacob Williams

1FT - Daisy May Geary

1/2O - Charlie Jukes

2B - Isabelle Moulson

2W - Lewis Upton

3B - Leland Edwards

3HB - Ryan Overton Perry

4H - Leah Nicholls

4P - Oliver Phillips

4M - Jada Mayes

5T - Tayler Slow

5P - Maggie Preece

6RB - Lara Davies

6CB - Joshua Maddock