Friday Flyer 19


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Children Arriving Late at School

Unfortunately we have a significant number of children arriving consistently late for school. School starts at 8.45am. This means children need to be on the school site ready to go into the classroom. Too many children are missing the early work or morning maths. When children are late it can take them quite a while to settle as they have missed the morning welcome and are out of the routine of all the other children. Please ensure your children are in school for the correct time.


Parking Outside the School

Parents may be aware that we have had police patrols outside the school during the last week. I believe a number of parents will be contacted by the police for inappropriate parking. I have attached a parking notice from West Mercia Police with this Friday Flyer.

The parking arrangements are there to keep children safe. I appreciate it is very busy outside school in the mornings and after school; however, please park sensibly for the sake of the safety of all our children.

We will be having further road safety initiatives in school over the coming months. Look out for details on future Friday Flyers


Comic Relief

Lenny has rung me and says we have to do something ‘funny for money’ on Friday 13th March. Always happy to support this wonderful cause, we will have a mufti day with children encouraged to have funny faces for the day.

Open Morning

We have this term’s Open Morning on Tuesday 10th March. Parents are welcomed into school that morning to observe classes in action. Teachers will not be available for discussions as they will be teaching but parents can come and see how we operate on a normal day in school.


Easter Service

Our Easter Service will be on Friday 27th March, starting at approximately 9.20am. We have    room for up to 50 parents. If you would like to attend and share our service please ring through to the school office so we can manage potential numbers.


Telford Cross Country League

We are having trials for the Telford Cross Country League this Friday. Due to some changes in organisation at the venues we are only able to take a smaller number of children this year. Children will be informed if they are in the teams. The first two events before Easter are on 18th and 25th March.


Stars of The Week

Nurs AM- India Anderson              1P- Alec Anderson              4H- Chad Meredith

Nurs PM- Bayleigh Oldcorn            1/2O- Owen Jones               4P-  Amy Challender

RT/C- Jesse-Dylan Moroz              2B- Lucy Riva                       5P- Fay Simms

RB- Aaron Lucas                           2W- Fearne Tong                 5T- Logan Eggerton

RC- Harvey Bradley                      3H/B- Billy Wong                 6CB- Luke Bishop

1F/T- Lacey Ashley                       3B- Kayden Grant                6RB- Jack Jones

                                                  4M- Shannon Ewing