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New Website Address

Please note the new website address set out above. The Friday Flyer will appear as a link on a text message and on the school website as normal. We are having a trial run without paper copies up to the Whit holiday. Any comments would be gratefully received.


Mixed Fortunes at the Football

St George’s Girls football team have gone through to the final of the Telford Cup. The final will be played at Telford United’s ground on Tuesday 5th May.

Unfortunately the year 5 boy’s teams were knocked out of the Shropshire U10 cup this week. The school U11 team have however progressed to the knockout stage of the Telford Cup. I must thank Miss Tidman and Mr Porteous for their time and effort in running the school football teams.


St George’s Church After School Club - Volunteers needed.

St George’s church are looking for parent volunteers to help run a church club after school. If anyone can give an hour or so of their time after school the church would like to hear from you. Please contact the school office.


Year 2 SATS meeting for Parents –Thursday 19th March

On Thursday 19th March at 3.30pm we will be holding a meeting for year 2 parents to explain the SATS tests that will take place this summer. The meeting will be held straight after school in the main hall.


‘Teacher Elva’ from Shanghai

Teacher Elva will leave us next week after being at St George’s since half term. She has been teaching maths in year 1 and 2. It has been wonderful to see how maths is taught with a different approach. Shanghai is one of the most successful countries in the world for teaching maths. We have learnt a great deal through the exchange visits and will begin to implement some of the ideas we have picked up.

We wish Teacher Elva well and thank her for the time she has spent with us at St George’s.


Friendship Friday Everyone Matters Everyone Achieves day (EMEA) - Friday 20th March

Next Friday will another ‘Friendship Friday’ where we focus on our school motto. Of ‘Everyone Matters, Everyone Achieves’


Easter Service

Easter Service will be held on Friday 27th March. Parents are invited but please contact the office if you wish to attend as we have limited spaces and need to control numbers.


School Lunch Times

We will be making some changing to the arrangements for school lunchtime. The aim is to give children more space to play on a busy playground and more activities to take part in. We will also be increasing supervision at lunchtime with the extra children we now have and will expect in September. The new systems will run as a trial after Easter until the Whit holiday. We will evaluate the changes before deciding on new arrangements as of September.


Could all photographs requests be returned by 18th March- Thank you


Stars of The Week

Nurs AM- Eleanor Rowlands     

Nurs PM- Leighton Oldcorn   

RT/C-  Jamie Rowley           

RB- Sophie Sune                          

RC- Darcy Powell                 

1F/T- Thomas Phillips     

1P- Danica Johnson  

1/2O- Sophie Cooksey

2B- Luke Hough

2W- Evie France

3H/B- Evan Shepherd

3B- Ebony Churm

4M- Amber Whittaker

4H- Alexandra Williamson

4P - Kayleigh-Huelin Lewis

5P - Jessica Klages

5T - Sienna Millard

6CB - Caitlin Slater

6RB - Jada Owen

Lunchbox of the Week: Sasha Hughes (Year 3) Sandwiches, Cocktail Sausages, a Banana, an orange and water! Well Done.