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Children’s Use of Facebook

Over the last year or so we have dealt with a number of difficult issues around children using Facebook. These have usually concerned inappropriate comments that have led to children feeling hurt and upset. This has then spilled over to fall-outs in school. I do need to remind parents that the minimum age for children to access Facebook is thirteen. No primary school children should be on Facebook by law. Schools should certainly not have to deal with issues resulting from inappropriate comments put onto Facebook by children who are breaking the law in the first place. I am aware that there are other social media websites with similar functions to Facebook. All these sites are covered by the same age restrictions.

We are all aware of the dangers to children online. I am sure as parents you are supervising all your children’s activities on the internet. Please ensure your children are not breaking the law by accessing Facebook and similar websites. The school cannot take responsibility for sorting out issues that have arisen through children breaking the law.


Election at St George’s

As part of our children’s education in ‘British Values’ as prescribed by the school curriculum we will be holding a St George’s election on Thursday 7th May. We have five children’s parties, each of these will be given a colour. Each party has had an opportunity to tell the children what they propose for St George’s school. The voting for all the children will be as close as we can make it to a real voting experience. Results and the winning policies will go into the Friday flyer next week.


National Success for Tyler

We very rarely get a child in school who wins a national competition. Well done to Tyler Preston who has won the national indoor climbing championships in Scotland recently. This is a really outstanding achievement.


Bank Holiday Monday-a reminder that school is closed on Monday 4th May. Children and staff will be back on Tuesday 5th May


St George’s Polling Station on 7th May

St George’s Parish Rooms will be used as a polling station for the general election on 7th May. During the day there will be no access across the car park from the year 4 and 5 area of school. The main gate will be kept open for the day; however, could parents not use the school car park and still approach the school through the usual path. The Parish Rooms, including the ‘Green Room’ will be unavailable during the day so there will be no ‘Green Lunch.’ There will be no access through school from the Parish Rooms during the day.


Year 6 SATS- a reminder that year 6 SATS start on 11th May. All year 6 children need to be in during this week. There will be no swimming on that day. Mr Tyas is unlikely to be available in the mornings as normal during this week. Please make an appointment at the office if necessary.


Stars of The Week


Nurs AM - Scarlett Estabrook

Nurs PM - Sapphire Sekyi-Perry

RC - Nevaeh Raymond

RB - Reece Stokes

RC/T - McKenzie Bates

1F/T - Leaha Morgan

1P - Lacey Edgerton

1/2O - Owen Jones

2B - Ryan Souak

2W - Evie France

3B - Faith Morris

3HB - Ben Jones

4H - Zac Churm

4P - Leah Davies

4M - Makai

5P - Daniel White

5T - Francesca Taylor

6RB - Alistair Scott

6CB - Callum Hammond