Friday Flyer 6


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Parents Evening, the Book Fair and Assessment

Can all parents make sure they have booked their appointments for Parents’ Evening. We will be holding a Book Fair during the Parents’ Evening. This will be held in Mrs Watts’s classroom in the year 6 block.

I have been flagging up for some time that teachers will not be informing parents of the levels children are working at as this system no longer operates through English education. Teachers will explain attainment in terms of ‘age related expectations’. This new system will get more established as assessments develop during the year.


Breakfast Club price increase

The cost of Breakfast Club will have to rise to £1.75 after half term. We have compared prices with other providers and we will still offer excellent value for money.


Arthog Year 5 letters

Can I remind parents of children in year 5 to return their slip to request a place at Arthog for the January trip.


Phase 2 Ballet Trip

I would like to thank the staff who organised the whole of Phase 2 to go to the ballet performance at Oakengates Theatre this Tuesday. It was a great success with a fantastic reaction from the children.


End of half Term PD day 23rd

The children finish school next week on Thursday 22nd October for half term. Teachers only will be in on Friday 23rd October. Our focus for the training day will be the new assessment system in school. Everyone returns after the half term break on Monday 2nd November.


Friendship Friday RESPECT British values and the Rugby World Cup!!

This may sound like a lot of issues being put together. The government expects all schools to promote British Values. This Friday we are focussing on ‘Respect’. Every half term we have a Friendship Friday to highlight the important of our school ethos. This week we intend to combine these ideas to showcase a friendly school where everyone shows respect. We are also using the theme of the rugby world cup to show good examples of respect and sportsmanship on the sports field.


Stars of the Week

Nurs AM - Thea Whitaker

Nurs PM - Sapphire Sekyi Perry

RC - India Anderson

RT - Zoe Smith

RM - Scarlett Scott

1B - Lacey Kempson

1P - Amira Mohammed

1/2W - Oliver White

2B - Rogue Clarkson

2O - Ben Suik

3B - Bethany Thomas

3P - Olivia Bailey

3HB - Harrison Teece

4B - Carmen Taylor

4H - Cameron Webb

4M - Briar Bateman

5R - Shannon Anderson

5T - Ryan Kitching

6P - Sophie Garbett

6B - Ella Smith


Lunch Box of the Week

Sophie White - YR 3 - Turkey sandwiches, 2 yogurts, pot of strawberries & juice.