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It the Friday Flyer ‘Getting Through’?

At the end of last term we switched to an on line Friday Flyer. It comes out as an attachment to an e mail and on the school website. We are concerned that parents are not accessing the Friday Flyer and therefore missing vital information from school. We are considering returning to paper copies. Obviously we are reluctant to do this with the associate cost. Please contact us with your opinion. Should Friday Flyer return to paper or can everyone access information on line?


Holiday in Term Time

Government are insisting that children should not take family holidays during term time. From the start of this year we will have no option but to implement procedures via the Local Authority to fine parents for taking children on holiday. School will consider exceptional circumstances; for example, one day for a family wedding. We appreciate that family holidays can be difficult to arrange around work patterns; however, the school is obliged to protocols and procedures from central government.


Harvest Assembly and Harvest Appeal

The school had a successful Harvest Assembly at St George’s Church on Friday last week. A particular thank you to Revd. Kevin Evans and St George’s Church for their hospitality. The church decoration was wonderful. We are still taking donations for St George’s Church Harvest appeal. Thank you.


Community Events

St George’s Church are holding a Jazz Evening on Saturday 3rd October at 7.30pm. For further information please phone 01952 612816


Holy Trinity Academy are holding an Open Evening for the local community on Tuesday 6th October from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. For further information please phone 01952 386100


Stars of the Week

Nurs AM - Jack Morgan

Nurs PM - Harry Sleight

RC - Jamie Hope

RT - Luke Pearce

RM - Lewis Radford

1B - Emily

1P - Cody O'Connell

1/2W - Ella-Mai Morris

2O - Toby Phillips

2B - Jacob Langford

3B - Daniel Fenn

3P - Daisy Schofield

3HB - Amelia Darricott

4B - Callum McCarthy

4H - Mitchel Annett

4M - Chloe-Ann Broadhurst

5R - Ruby Davies

5T - Akeel Khan

6P - Khyra Shah

6B - Daniel White


Lunchbox of the Week

Maya Maistruck - Cheese Sandwich, Grapes, Tomatoes and Water