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PE Kit in School

We are having a big push on children having their PE kit in school every day. Could all parents ensure your children have their PE kit for every day of the week. We have a school PE kit, but unlike the school uniform, it is not statutory. Any shorts, T shirt and trainers are OK. Please note all children should have their trainers for outdoor PE.


Reading Five Times A Week- Phase 2

As we are half way through the school year I thought it was timely to thank all our parents who have supported us with our drive to get all phase 2 children to read 5 times a week. We reward all the children each week who reach this target. They all get to do the ‘Friday Flap’ with their reading record in Celebration Assembly every Friday (Ask your children –they will explain!)

It is crucial that all children keep going to the end of the year with their 5 times a week. Reading is a key skill and the best practise to develop reading skills is to READ.


Holidays During Term Time

Parents are aware that it is now against the law to take time out of school for holidays other than in exceptional circumstances. These exceptional circumstances are usually one day for weddings or funerals. Please note exceptional circumstances do not include children’s birthdays. The school has the right to request the Local Authority takes parents through a legal process resulting in a fine for taking children out of school without appropriate cause.


Sports Captains

Mr Porteous has now chosen the Sports Captains following applications from children. He will be informing the successful children shortly. Well done to those children who will take on this important new role in school.


February Half Term and Return to School

We break up for February half term today (12th February). All children and staff will return on Monday 22nd February.


Stars of the Week – w/e 5th February 2016


Nurs AM – Amelie Barrow                      1/2W – Thomas Phillips                         4M – Zoe Stacey

Nurs PM – Tear King                              2O – Caitlin Taylor                                 4B – Daisy Jukes

RC – Connor Pearce                              2B – Callum                                          5R – Reece Jones

RM – Noah Gray                                    3B – Dominic Baronet                            5T – Oliver Phillips

RT – Owen Lowe                                   3P – Evie France                                   6B – Vignesh Sudarsan

1P – Amelia Broadhurst                         3HB – Jasleen Gill                                 6P – Sienna Millard

1B – Sonia Sune                                   4H – Shanie Withers


Lunchbox of the Week – Zac Churm, Yr5 – Egg sandwiches, egg, apple, orange, banana


Stars of the Week – w/e 12th February 2016


Nurs AM – Evie Burns                            1/2W – Alec Anderson                           4M – Rebecca Rowlands

Nurs PM – Bayleigh Oldcorn                  2O – Harvey Whitehouse                        4B – Drew Whittall        

RC – Noah Ridgeway                             2B – Laila Brown                                   5T – Leah Davies

RM – Ryan Pearce                                 3P – Oliver Sieradzki                             5R – Zoe Heighway

RT – Evie Sylvester                               3B – Darcy Miller                                   6B – Tia Savage & Suzie Jones

1B – Charlie Howl                                  3HB – Corey Reynolds                          6P – Joshua Bailey

1P – Tyler Wynn                                    4H – Brett Winnall


Lunchbox of the Week – Tymon Strzelecki, YR 6 – Brown bread sandwiches, banana, blueberries & water