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Welcome Back

I would like to welcome all staff and pupils back to school at the start of 2016. I have included a timetable of events this term with this Friday Flyer. The Friday Flyers will continue to come out each week attached to a text and on the school website. Paper copies are available on request from the school office.


Year 1 Coming into School

Now year 1 are settled into school we would like them to have a little more independence. Could parents drop children off at the gate entrance to year 1 rather than the classroom door. This will encourage children to come into school and get straight down to work. These arrangements will operate from Monday 11th.


School Start Time and Late Procedures

At the start of term I need to stress the importance of children arriving on time and being ready to walk into class at 8.45am. School has an obligation to ensure children attend school and are ready on time. Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure children attend each day on time. We will be monitoring all children in a morning. Please ensure your children are ready to start learning on the school site at 8.45am.


Payments for Arthog Trips.

We have a number of parents who have not paid for the year 5 Arthog trip last year and the year 6 trip this year. Please note the deadline for the 2015 year 5 trip has expired. The deadline for the year 6 trip is Easter this year. We will be writing to all parents with outstanding payments over the next two weeks.


School Disco’s.

Phase 1 and 2 children will be having a school disco at the end of this month, there will be letters in children’s bags tonight. Please can all parents read this letter and return to school as soon as possible. All money will be going towards playground improvement fund.

Phase 1 Disco: 27th January 3.15pm until 4.15pm

Phase 2 Disco: 28th January 3.20pm until 4.30pm


Stars of the Week

w/e 19.12.15

Nurs AM - Eva Sajid

Nurs PM - Lacey Gethin

RC - Riley

RT - Isaac Smith

RM - Hattie Rowles

1B - George Henderson

1P - Shay Byrne

1/2W - Ashton Taylor

2B - Emile Nesterova

2O - Sophina Shah

3P - Vinnie Pugh

3B - Charlotte Ball

3HB - Amelia Darricott

4M - Gimbiya Barde

4H - Kayden Grant

4B - Rio Brown

5R - Emily Jones

5T - Tyler Ruston

6B - Jodie Lote

6P - Hollie Daly


w/e - 8.1.16

Nurs AM- Amelia Oakey

Nurs PM - Ben Pearce

RC - Kasey

RM - Gracie Biggin

RT - Cohen Morris

1B - Darcy Powell

1P - Logan Stephan

1/2W - Broganne Howl

2O - Tyler Haywood

2B - Alissa Sylvester

3P - Sophie Cooksey

3B - Sophie White

3HB - Caiden Hansen

4M - L J McCarthy

4H - Brandon Sahota

4B - Alfie Edwards

5T - McKenzie Pearce

5R - Amy Challender

6B - Bobbie Heeley

6P - Imogen Brayne


Lunchbox of the week

Olivia Panchuks - YR1, Seeded bread and butter, fruit cheese, 2 apples and a carrot.





St George’s Primary School Spring Term Timetable 2016 1st Half Term



Mon Jan 4th

PD Day

Tues Jan 5th


Wed Jan 6th


Thurs Jan 7th


Fri. Jan 8th




Mon Jan 11th


Tues Jan 12th


Wed Jan 13th


Thurs Jan 14th


Fri. Jan 15th




Mon Jan 18th


Tues Jan 19th


Wed Jan 20th


Thurs Jan 21st  

Year 6 SATS information meeting

Fri. Jan 22nd  

Anti Bully/Friendship Friday



Mon Jan 25th


Tues Jan 26th

Year 5 Enginuity

Wed Jan 27th


Thurs Jan 28th


Fri. Jan 29th




Mon Feb 1st

Parents’ Evening

Tues Feb 2nd

Governing Body Meeting 9.00am/ Parents’ Evening

Wed Feb 3rd

Foundation Parents’ Evening/ Year 6 Booster starts

Thurs Feb 4th


Fri. Feb 5th




Mon Feb 8th


Tues Feb 9th


Wed Feb 10th


Thurs Feb 11th


Fri. Feb 12th

Break Up








St George’s Primary School Spring Term Timetable 2016

-2nd Half Term



Mon Feb 22nd


Tues Feb 23rd


Wed Feb 24th

First Aid Training year 6

Thurs Feb 25th

First Aid training   year 6

Fri. Feb 26th


Spring Assessment


Mon 29th Feb


Tues March 1st


Wed March 2nd

Family Photo Day

Thurs March 3rd

Individual Photo day

Fri. March 4th

MP Visit



Mon March 7th


Tues March 8th

Open Morning

Wed March 9th


Thurs March 10th


Fri. March 11th




Mon March 14th


Tues March 15th

Governing Body meeting 7.00pm

Wed March 16th


Thurs March 17th

Year 2 SATS information evening

Fri. March 18th

EMEA/School and British Values



Mon March 21st


Tues March 22nd

Telford Showcase Music concert

Wed March 23rd


Thurs March 24th

Break Up

Friday March 25th