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Year 6 SATS Information Meeting for Parents

On Thursday 21st January we have a meeting at 3.30pm in the school hall for all year 6 parents. We will be going through the vital information you will need as your children approach the SAT tests in May. There are some significant changes to the tests this year as the children have been following the New Primary Curriculum.


U11 Football team

Unfortunately, our u11 football team went out of the Shropshire Cup on Wednesday at Shrewsbury Sports Village. Nevertheless, Mr Porteous was extremely impressed with the boy’s efforts and he is looking forward to the next round of the Telford Cup which will take place against Crudgington.


Kenyan Sponsorship School Report and Letter

St George’s C of E Primary School sponsor a child in Kenya through secondary school. In Kenya children can only go to secondary school if they pay. We have worked through the Church of England Foundation to support a deserving child from our partner primary school ‘Magemo’. Cavin has written to all of us at St George’s to explain his situation and thank us for our support. We have put a copy of his letter on the school website.


School Closure due to Snow

As winter continues we run the risk of heavy snow closing the school. We will attempt to keep the school open if at all possible; however, should we need to close please listen on Shropshire radio and check for text messages. Please note there are three St George’s schools in the Shropshire/ Telford region. Listen for information on St George’s, Telford.


Year 5 at Arthog Last Week

I would like to congratulate all the year 5 children who went to the Arthog Outdoor Education Residential Centre last week. They all managed the challenge of being away from home for three days alongside the Welsh winter weather. I would also like to thank the staff who gave up their time away from their families to support the trip.


Arthog Payment

The school will be writing to all parents with outstanding money from the year 6 Arthog trip in September and any other previous trips. Please note the payment for the recent year 5 trip is due by Easter. If you are aware you have an outstanding balance please forward payment to the school office.


Piano Free to Good Home!

We have a piano that is no longer needed in school. It is available free but will need to be collected from school. If you would like the piano please contact the school office.


Lunch Time Review

The school is conducting a review of arrangements and procedures around lunchtime. This includes all aspects of lunchtime including school meals and service. We are also evaluating opportunities for children to play and enjoy their lunchtime break. I will keep parents informed of any changes we will make following the completion of the review.


Stars of the Week

Nurs AM - Andrew Bassett

Nurs PM - Blake Henry

RC - Amelia Pessall

RM - Eleanor

RT - Keegan Baugh

1B - Jesse Dylan Moroz

1P - Lily Mae

1/2W - Skye Dumbrell

2B - Lacey Ashley

2O - Zara Khan

3P - Ellissa Morgan

3HB - Lucas Miller

3B - Libby Odart

4H - Lucy Riva

4M - Sasha Hughes

4B - Evan Shepherd

5R - Jessica kitchen

5T - Cerys locklin

6B - Travis Pongo

6P - Tayer Slow


Lunchbox of the Week

Harrison Teece, Yr3 - Ham salad baguette, tomatoes and cucumber, bag of apple, grapes and a box of raisins.