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End of the School Year

As we come to the end of the school year I would like to thank our parents and school community for their support during the year. In particular the many kind words and gifts given to teachers during this last week. We often talk of good education being a partnership between child, parent and school. When this works well our children succeed.


Inevitably at the end of a school year we have changes at St George’s. Mrs Smith, our long standing teaching assistant and head of midday supervisors, is retiring. Mrs Smith has worked at the school for twenty two years, and I can promise you nobody has ever worked harder. On behalf of the whole school community I would like to thank Mrs Smith and wish her well in retirement.


Miss Tidman is getting married in the summer. She is keeping her maiden name, so to avoid any confusion with Mrs Tidman who is a teaching assistant in school, she is remaining Miss Tidman with the children.


Year 6 Arthog Trip

Our year 6 children leave for Arthog on September 5th. This is a PD Day for the rest of school. If parents of year 6 have any issues during the summer break that will impact on the Arthog, and need to speak with school prior to their children going on the trip please contact school from Tuesday 30th August.


Leavers’ Concert and Prize Giving

On Wednesday night this week we had the Leavers’ Concert and Prize Giving. The guest of honour was the Bishop of Shrewsbury. Bishop Mark gave out the school prizes to our year 6 children. The children also performed their Leavers Concert, ‘Shakespeare Rocks.’

It really was Shakespeare like you have never seen it before! Look out for pictures on the web site in the new school year.


Leavers Assembly

All the children will be going to St George’s Church on Friday morning for our Leavers’ Assembly. Parents are welcome to join us but we request you inform school first so we can manage numbers.


Hope you all have a good holiday and we look forward to seeing all the children in school on Tuesday 6th September.


Stars of the Week


Nurs AM – Andrew Bassett                1/2W – Grace Williamson       4M - Melodee

Nurs PM – Jorgie Brampton               2O – Ronnie Wilson                4B – Amelia Smith

RC – Georgie Bevan                          2B – Aasia                               5R – Rabanne Wiggetts

RM – Hattie Rowles                            3B – Darcy Miller                    5T – Leah Davies & Akeel Khan

RT – Sienna Leighton                         3P – Vinnie Pugh                    6B – Everyone!!

1B – Darcy Jenkins                            3HB – Lucas Miller                 6P – Everyone!!

1P – Ryan Jones                                4H – Lily


Lunchbox of the Week


Lily Dixon, 3P – Cheese wrap, grapes, yogurt, apple juice