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Football Telford Primary School Cup Report

St George’s competed in the Telford Primary Schools Cup final last night at The Bucks Head ground. Unfortunately we lost 3-0 to local rivals Redhill. The boys, led by Mr Porteous and Mr Blair, have had a great season losing only at the final hurdle with a weakened team in the final. Their attitude throughout was excellent. They certainly play hard- some of their tackling is ferocious!; but they always play in a sporting way. They have enjoyed winning but lose with good grace and dignity. They have been a real credit to the school community.


Girls Football Team- the girl’s football team rounded off an excellent season with a 7-0 win against Grange Park. Like the boys they have set high standards all season and we look forward to next year as we grow girls’ football throughout school.


Girl’s Football Week- Last week was Girl’s Football Week in school. Over 175 girls took part in various activities during the week. Player of the Week was Darcy Miller from year 3.


On line safety

At St George’s we take the issue on children’s on line safety very seriously. As parents you will realise that this matter is a shared responsibility. In order to support you in keeping your children safe on line I am forwarding on a message from Telford and Wrekin Children Safeguarding Board. The leaflet is on the school website. It warns of the danger of a texting app called ‘Kik messenger’. It also highlights other on line issues for children.


St George’s Archers on BBC Bitesize

We recently had Mel Clarke a para Olympic archery medallist in school to work with a group of girls on archery. This was filmed by the BBC and now appears on the BBC website to encourage children to take up sport. I have included the link below:



SATS Week Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May

Children in year 6 will be taking their SATS next week in school. All our year 6 children need to get some early nights and a good breakfast to ensure they are in the best frame of mind for these important tests. I am sure if they continue their excellent attitude from this year they will all do very well.

As Headteacher I will not necessarily be available during this time to see parents as I normally would.


PE kit and Trainers

The school field is now drying out and we can start using the field for games sessions. Can all children ensure they have trainers in their PE bags. I will be informing the children next week of a running scheme in school. Everyone will need their trainers to take part in this.


Sun Protection in School

We finally have been promised some warmer weather by the weathermen! I have reproduced the advice on sun protection issued in a previous Friday Flyer. We advise that if children are sensitive to the sun they wear long, loose clothing and have a wide brimmed hat in school with them. Parents can apply sun cream before school; however, school cannot put sun cream on for children. Children should not have cream themselves in school. If the summer days get especially hot we will provide appropriate shade during playtimes.




School Choir at TPS School Concert

Well done to the School Choir led by Mr Hylton, Mr Richards, Mrs McEvoy and Mrs Branford. They performed at Telford Priory Academy on Wednesday night last week. The quality of the singing was wonderful. It was great to see a choir singing to live musicians as Mr Hylton played piano and Mr Richards played bass guitar.

I would also like to say a well done to the ex- St George’s children in the Telford Priory School choir. It is great to see them still singing after leaving primary school.


Class Photographs

We were unable to complete the class photographs last week due to the illness of the photographer. All classes will be done on 17th May. Any outstanding individuals can be done on 18th May.




Stars of the Week – w/e 29.4.16


Nurs Am – Oscar Kitching                  1/2W – Cassy Painter                         4B – Poppy Barnes

Nurs PM – Kyle Porter                       2O – Coby Hope                                 4M – Vishvesh Sudarsan

RT – A J Tipton                                   2B – Caleb Thomas                            5T – Alicia Mayes

RC – Lilly-Louise Kempson                3B – Charlotte Ball                              5R – Harry Tinsley

RM – Harrison Whitehouse                3HB – Lucas Miller                             6B - Ryan

1B – Georgia Clifton                           3P – Alyssa McIver                            6P – Courtney Castle

1P – McKenzie Bates                         4H – Lily



Lunchbox of the Week – w/e 29.4.16


Keegan Baugh – Reception, ham sandwich, mixed fruit bowl, mixed salad box, flapjack, chicken pieces, water.



Stars of the Week – w/e 6.5.16


Nus AM – Liberty Cameron-Turner    1/2W – Brodie Tipton                          4H – Lucy Riva

Nurs PM – Alex Higgins                     2O – Dylan Porter                               4B – Finlay Hardeman

RC – Reggie Wilson                           2B – Laila Brown                                 5R – Jada Mayes

RM – Elsie Mae Urey                         3P – James Potter                              5T – Ryley Hansen

RT – Kaycie Lea Griffiths                   3B - Connor                                        6P – Adam Evans

1B – Luka Nemsadze                         3HB – Fearne Tong                            6B – Keisha Manning

1P – Grace Waterhouse                     4M – Demi Ella Wishart



Lunchbox of the Week – w/e 6.5.16


Cody O’Connell, 1P – chicken sandwich, apple, yogurt, orange juice, and a sausage roll.