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Year 6 SATS

The St George’s community should be very proud of the way our year 6 children managed their week of SATS this week. There has been much said in the press about the difficulties of this week for children. Undoubtedly, some children will have had difficult moments; however, the attitude and approach from everyone was excellent. I would also like to thank the staff of the school in their support for the children. By approaching the SATS week in a positive ‘St George’s’ way we have made a potentially difficult situation manageable.


Year 2 SATS

Our year 2 children are now underway with their SATS papers. We have now completed the maths papers and move on to English next week.


Class Photographs

We will be taking the remaining class photographs on Tuesday 17th May. If any parents missed the individual photographs we have a catch up on 18th May.


Swimming starts again 16th May.

Don’t forget swimming kit on Monday. We will now be swimming every Monday to the end of term.


Bailey Mile Success

St George’s entered the annual ‘Bailey Mile’ at Wellington for the first time this week. Despite sending a year 5 team in a year 6 event we came second. This was a great performance following the success in the Telford Cross Country League.


Cricket Coaching

We will have a cricket coach in on 18th May to work with our year 3 children. Please ensure everyone has PE kit.


Year 6 Running Challenge

At St George’s we have always believed that children need to be active. Medical advice backs this view and current research shows many children in this country are simply not getting enough exercise. This is storing up problems such as obesity and diabetes in later life. For many children in England this is not much later in life!

One of the simplest forms of exercise is to run. You do not need to be a cross country team member or a future Olympic marathon runner to just get out and run.

Schools up and down the country are starting to encourage children to run on a regular basis. We intend to do this at St George’s. Year 6 will start with the challenge of running everyday around the school field at least once a day. They can run before school, during set times during the day, or as they leave at the end of the day.


Any children who run from Monday to Thursday will be able to come into school on a Friday without their usual school uniform. This ‘mufti day’ will be a reward for the commitment given to the ‘Running challenge’.

If our trial with year 6 works well we will roll this programme out to other year groups.


PE Blog in School

You can keep up with all matters PE in St George’s with a PE blog started by Mr Porteous. Follow the link below- 

Look out for other subject specific blogs on the school website over the next few months.



Stars of the Week


Nurs AM – Jack Morgan        1/2W – Joseph Burgoyne       4B - Yaqub

Nurs PM – Bruce Morgan      2O – Joann Brassington         4M – Arveet Singh Gil            l          

RC – Amelia Pessall               2B – Jasmine Cooper             5T – Kajus Stanevicius

RM – Leighton Oldcorn          3P – Vinnie Pugh                    5R – Hannah Smith

RT – Sidney                            3HB – Holly Riva                    6B – Joshua Gaut

1B – Harvey Bradley              3B – Kyle Shenton                  6P – Alister Sanders Lloyd

1P – Skye Doughty                4H – Lacie Corbett



Lunchbox of the Week


Yr 2, Brooke- Pitta bread, carrot, grapes, piece of fruit.