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Welcome to the Start of the School Year at St George’s

I would like to welcome all our new families to St George’s C of E Primary School. We will continue with our weekly newsletter, ‘The Friday Flyer’. This will be an on line publication; available via text and through the school website. Parents can request a paper copy if they wish through the school office.


The autumn term timetable is also available. This gives the events for the term. It can be printed off and added to as the term goes on. Again, paper copies are available on request.



We start the term with our Harvest Festival on Friday 16th September at St George’s Church. We will be taking all the children up to church on that morning. Reception teachers will be asking for parent volunteers to help on the walk up.

Parents are welcome to join us. There is some limitation on space so please inform the school office so we can manage numbers.

We will be asking for money donations for Harvest this year. This will go to St George’s church to distribute to local good causes.


School Organisation at the start and end of the day.

We have a very busy school at St George’s so we need clear procedures for the start and end of the day. All children should be on the school site by 8.40am ready to go into school by 8.45am. Parents in reception are welcome to come into class to share the first 15minutes with their children. All other children are expected to come into school on their own. This will be a change for our year 1 children, but it is important that they become more independent. Parents are requested to drop children and leave and not stay to look through the windows.

At the end of the day children in reception, year 1 and year 2 finish at 3.15pm. Children in years 3, 4, 5 & 6 finish at 3.20pm. Please note this means on the year 2 & 3 block there are two different finishing times.

Younger school will be sent out to parents; older children will be expected to make their own way out. Parents should not come into school as children are leaving.


Bikes in School

Children are welcome to come to school on their bikes. There is a bike store where bikes can be locked. Please do not ride bikes around school as we are such a busy site with lots of young children around.


School Clubs and Activities

Arrangements were made for parents to sign their children up for the various activities and clubs before we broke up. New children to school, other than reception, can get details of clubs from the school office.


Year 6 Arthog Trip

Our new year 6 children have been at the Arthog Outdoor Education Centre all this week. The adventurous activities and challenges they have faced will set them up for their important final year at St George’s. Photographs will appear on the school PE blog. .


Healthy Lifestyles at St George’s

A crucial part of school is to promote healthy lifestyles for our children. I am sure the Olympic success of team GB has inspired everyone. We will be continuing our daily run opportunities. Children in year 3, 4, 5 & 6 can run every day. We will then have a ‘dress down’ day at least once a half term to reward the regular runners. We have plans for an all weather running track for the late autumn. We are also encouraging healthy eating across school. No sweets or cakes are permitted. Drinks should be water not juice and fruit. Healthy options will be provided by school tuck shop. We will continue to give out healthy lunch box awards each week on the Friday Flyer.


Stars of the Week


Nurs AM & Nurs PM - Well done to everyone in Nursery, all stars of the week!

Reception – A lovely week had by all, they are all stars!

1B – Mainasara Barde

1FM – Harrison Whitehouse

1/2W – Sarah Louise Wootten

2B – Grace Williamson

2O – Mia

3B – Aasia

3M – Bhavana Murugadas

3H – Zinariya Barde

4B – Kristian Nicholls

4T - Amelia Parkes

4TP – Lewis Upton

5H – Tori Butler

5R – Faith Morris

5Holt – Shanie Withers

Yr 6 – Ryley Hansen & Everyone at Arthog, all had a fabulous week



Lunchbox of the Week


Devan Gautham, Reception – Cheese sandwiches on brown bread, pear slices, Satsuma, physalis, juice and potato based snack.