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On line Safety for all our Children

All schools have an obligation to keep children safe on line. We are all aware of the risks children run if they do not have an awareness of on line safety. On Tuesday next week staff in school will be running information assemblies to brief children. This would be an ideal time for you as parents to support the on line safety message and check your precautions at home.


Opportunity for ladies Cricket at St George’s Cricket Club.

We have been asked by St George’s cricket Club to advertise their Ladies Cricket.

If you are interested please contact via the e mail:

Or find them on facebook at: St. Georges Ladies Cricket


Further Support for Teenage Cancer Fund

Mr Jon White with help from his daughter Sophie has won first prize in the Christmas Window design display in Wellington. They are kindly donating their £100 prize to the Teenage Cancer Fund. The Christmas Jumper Day in school made £322. Thank you to everyone who supported this cause and helped raise over £400.


Polite request from the Headteacher

I have been approached by several parents regarding an important issue. It relates to parents outside the school gates. Parents will know as Headteacher I have no responsibility outside the school gates; especially in terms of parent’s actions. I am therefore politely requesting that parents refrain from smoking outside school. We are trying to bring children into a smoke free environment and encouraging them to make healthy choices in life. Thankyou


Piano – Free to Good Home!!!


Ms Sugrue has a piano she would like to donate to anyone who can make good use of it. She has kindly offered to deliver the piano free of charge to any organisations or clubs but other than that it would need to be collected. For further information please contact Ms Sugrue on 07549 112150.


Stars of the Week w/c – 23.1.17


Nurs AM – Charlie Pickford                 1/2W – Reece Stokes             4TP – Vinnie Pugh

Nurs PM – Ellie Mae Price                   2B – James McDouall              4B – Harrison Teece & Ethan Wynn

RC – Lucia Broadhurst                       2O – Jack Cooper                    5H – Shara Roberts

RT – Riley Winn                                 3H – Louie Nutting                  5Holt – Shanie Withers

RM – Gracie                                      3B – Callum Whyte                 5R – Drew Whittall

1B – Hattie Rowles                            3M – Toby Phillips                   6B – Fraser German  

1FM – Faith Mills                                4T – Alfie Shipton                   6P – Zachary Churm


Lunchbox of the Week


James Manley, Yr6 – Raisin bread, apple juice, tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, blueberries, carrots & raisins



Stars of the Week – 30.1.17


Nurs AM – Archie Matthews              1/2W – Reggie Wilson            4TP – Evie France

Nurs PM – Logan Bain                       2B – Karna                                          4B – Jasleen Gill

RC – Violet Edgerton                          2O – Emily Want                                5H – Briar Bateman

RT – Thea Whitaker                           3H – Ben Suik                                     5Holt – Layton Dudley

RM – Tomasz Okon                           3B – Chloe Parkins                             5R – Leland Edwards

1B – Mylee Tipton                               3M – David Postovan                         6B – Paige Williams   

1FM – Rowan Blackburn                    4T – Joshua Thompson                      6P – Aimee Johnson


Lunchbox of the Week


Amelia Pessall, Yr1 – Ham sandwich thin, yogurt, babybel, banana loaf