Friday Flyer 6

Sponsored Read.

Thank you for your support for the sponsored read. We are hoping to collect all the money into school as soon as possible. Please forward your money to your child’s class. The money will be spent on new reading books throughout school.

Dates for the Dairy and Nativity Play Details

The second half of the autumn term is always busy with Christmas activities. I have set out the events in the diary. Please note we have some strict organisation around the Nativity Plays to ensure we are fair to all parents and they can get to see their children in the performance. We only have a limited number of seats in the hall due to health and safety regulation. All children will receive two tickets for their performance.

Year 5 & 6 Nativity Pantomime

                                    Wednesday 29th November 1.30pm   Year 5 parents/carers

                                    Thursday 30th November 1.30pm       Year 6 parents/carers


Year 1 & 2 Nativity Play

                                    Tuesday 5th December 9.30am          Year 1 parents/carers

                                    Wednesday 6th December 9.30am     Year 2 parents/carers


Nursery and Reception Nativity play

                                    Thursday 7th December 1.30pm        

(Reception classes Mrs Tyas & Mrs Croft+ afternoon nursery)


                                    Friday 8th December 9.30am

(Reception class Miss Preston+ morning nursery and others)


Year 3 & 4 Carol Concert

                                    Tuesday 12th December         1.30pm rehearsal (All welcome)

                                                                                    6.00pm Concert (All welcome)

(Note this event is at St George’s Church and therefore will not be ticketed.)


St George’s School continues to put a significant amount of time and effort into our nativity season. We are aware that many schools no longer stage Christmas performance throughout the school. School management, including parent governor representation, continue to believe that the Christmas plays are an important part of our school culture and a significant contribution to a broad and balanced curriculum.

Other Events this half Term

British Values Day & Children in need                       Friday 17th November

Phase 1 Disco                                                            Tuesday 21st November 3.15pm-4.15pm

Phase 2 Disco                                                            Wednesday 22nd November   3.15pm-4.15pm

Christmas Extravaganza                                            Friday 1st December 9.00am-3.30pm

St George’s Christmas Lights with School Choir       Friday 1st Dec. 4.00pm

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper day           Wednesday 13th Dec.

Christmas Assembly                                                   Friday 15th December 9.30am (St George’s Church)

Parent Governors at St George’s

We have a vacancy for a parent governor at school as Mr Potter has come to the end of his term of office. I would like to thank Mr Potter for his contribution to the success of St George’s School over a number of years. The first stage of the process of electing a new parent governor is for the school to receive nominations. All children will take home a letter with a form to return for nominations. Please note you may self-nominate. Should there be more than one nomination we will go to an election. Details will be given on next week’s Friday flyer.

Governors play a crucial role in leading the school alongside the Headteacher and senior staff. If anyone is interested in the role, but would like to know more, please contact Mr Tyas at school.


Year 5 Arthog Trip

We have had a fantastic response to the year 5 Arthog outdoor education visit in January. Parents will need to pay a £30 deposit prior to the children going on the trip unless they are entitled to remissions. We will send out full details with the year 5 children next Friday. The meeting for parents is on Thursday 30th November at 3.30pm.

Remembrance at St George’s

We will start our Remembrance Commemoration next week at school. We will be selling the usual poppies and other remembrance items. Please note children can wear the remembrance wristbands next week at school. Bracelets are not usually allowed.


Sports Uniform

The Sports uniform will be available to buy from our usual supplier from Monday 6th Nov. Prices are as follows:


Jumper (over top)                   £14.99

T Shirt                                     £8.99

Joggers                                   £13.50

This can be worn everyday as normal school uniform. I expect it will appeal to those children in particular that enjoy being very active during the school day. Please note that standard uniform will be required for events such as church visits. Photographs of children modelling the uniform can be found on the school website from Monday 6th November.


Stars of the Week


Nurs AM – Lola Rose Duggan            1/2B – Esme Bartlett Minton               4W – Brodie Tipton

Nurs PM – Caylan Merredith              2P – Olivia Bethell                              4B – Owen Taylor

RC – Oliver McAlinden                       2FM – Eesha Bassey                         5R – Lucas Miller

RP – Kian Evans                                3H – Grace Waterhouse                     5H – Eva Fletcher

RT – Ava Scarlett Guryn                    3B – Cassie Painter                            5B – Cameron Fall

1B – Ella Ford                                     3O – Alfie                                            6B – James Perks

1M – Chinafum Adiuku Brown            4TP – Matthew Overton                     6M – Faith Morris

                                                                                                                        6HW – Finley Martin  

Lunchbox of the Week

6HW, Ben Jones – Ham and lettuce sandwich, orange, apple, banana and blackcurrant juice.