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For the first time in a very long time we have published a Friday Flyer on paper for all our children. We are giving details of the Christmas Extravaganza day on Friday 1st December. This our day to replace the Christmas Fair that was stopped on health and safety grounds.

I have set out below the activities we have planned:


The children in phase 1 will have an opportunity to visit Santa during the day. The children will go to see Santa in classes. There will be a cost of £2 with a present at the end. There is a separate information leaflet for all phase 1 children with full details.


Year 6 will be running stalls with Christmas games and activities. Children from Phase 2 will be able to visit the stalls during the day


Cakes will be on sale throughout the school. We will restrict the number of cakes any one child can buy.


Raffle tickets will be on sale before school at 8.30am and from 3.00pm in the quiet area in the middle of school and on the infant playground. The tickets will go on sale from Monday 27th November.


Children can pay to come in mufti for the day. We will encourage a Christmas theme, however, children can pay their donation and dress as they wish.



School choirs will perform in the quiet area in the middle of school from 3.00pm. Parents can come and listen as they pick up their children. The choir will then head up to the middle of St George’s to sing for the ‘Lights Switch-on’



Children will need to bring in money for each of these activities if they wish to take part. We will keep you up to date with text messages up to extravaganza day on the 1st December.




Please note the following…….


All trip money (apart from Arthog) should be paid directly to your child’s class.


Unfortunately, due to audit regulations, we are unable to give change.


If you haven’t been receiving school text messages, we usually send at least one a day, please check we have your up-to-date phone number at the office.



Stars of the Week



Nurs AM – Sienna Vaughan               1/2B – Charlotte Slade           4B – Lacey Ashley

Nurs PM – Myles Taylor                     2P – Cruz Njekwe                   4W – Oliver White

RC – Oscar Sykes                              2FM – Matilda Goldstraw       5H – Alisha Roberts   

RP – Eva Boardman                           3B – Jaidon Staack                5B – Dominic Baronet

RT – Chloe Henderson                       3H – George Henderson          5R – Caiden Hansen 

1B – Inaya Wynter                              3O – Szabina Gergely            6B – L J McCarthy

1M – Alfie                                            4TP – Brandon Mullinder        6HW – Rhys Nicholls

                                                                                                      6M – Rio Brown



Lunchbox of the Week



1M, Harry Sleight – Cheese sandwich, yogurt, grapes, raisins, cheese stick, cereal bar and apple juice.