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Music Tuition in School

During assembly this morning in school, we had members of Telford Music Service demonstrate keyboards, guitars and drums. (Mr Hylton and Mr Richards joined in!)

We would like to encourage as many children as possible to learn to play a musical instrument. If you think your child will in interested, please contact the school office for details. Note tuition for children entitled to pupil premium will be free.


Christmas Fair

For the last few years, we have struggled to accommodate the number of people wanting to come to the Christmas Fair. This is a reflection on how the school has grown over a number of years. Unfortunately, we have the potential health and safety risk of blocked corridors should we need to evacuate the school quickly in case of fire. We have reluctantly had to make a decision not to hold an after school Christmas Fair this year.

We are replacing this traditional event with a ‘Christmas Extravaganza’ on 1st December during the day. We are hoping Father Christmas can attend so children can go and see him during the day. Year 6 children will continue to organise stalls that the other children will be able to support. We will also have one of our very few ‘cake days’ when we will lift our healthy eating rules and enjoy a few treats. The school choirs will be going up to open the St George’s Christmas Lights switch at 4.00pm on the same day. This gives an opportunity for parents to see their children perform. We are aware this was a popular part of the old Christmas Fair.

Look out for further information about our special day on 1st December.


Diary Change

To confirm we have changed the dates for the Nativity Performance at Year 5&6 to 29th and 30th November.



Year 5 Arthog Trip Parents’ Meeting

We are delighted that so many children in year 5 are going on the Arthog trip in January. Payment plans can be set up with the school office. Please check if you think you may be entitled to remissions. There will be a meeting on Thursday 30th November at 3.30pm in the school hall for all parents. We will give out full details concerning the trip at this meeting.


Wizard Theatre Company

On Friday November 3rd, we have the Wizard Theatre Company coming into school to perform live for Phase 2. Later in the term we will have a live theatre performance for Phase 1.


School Photographs day -31st October

Do not forget we will be opening up on photograph day at 8.00am if you wish to bring in younger or older siblings to have family photographs taken. We will do all the other children during the school day.


Christmas Cards

The deadline for Christmas card designs and orders has been extended to Monday 30th October.


Reading Sponsorship Money

Thank you to those of you who have already collected and sent in the reading sponsorship money. We are hoping to have all the money in by 3rd November so we can get on and buy new reading books for all the children.


October Half Term Holiday

We break up today for the October half term holiday. We all return to school on Monday 30th October.


Stars of the Week

Nurs AM – Clarice Hawkins               1/2B – Kaycie Lea Griffiths                4W – Louie Nutting

Nurs PM – Emily Hawkins                  2P – Cohen Morris                              4B – Ella Townsend

RC – Thomas Garbett                        2FM – Scarlett Scott                           5R – Fearne Tong

RT – Elliot Hansen                              3H – Lily Mae Thorpe                        5H – Evie France

RP – Suri Njekwe                               3B – Heidi Preece                              5B – Darcy Miller

1B – Teegan Rae Lloyd                      3O – Tyler Wynn                                 6HW – Daisy Jukes

1M – Samuel Moore                           4TP – Danica Johnson                       6B – Rebecca Rowlands

                                                                                                                        6M – Daniel Slade



Lunchbox of the Week



5R, Dylan – Sandwich, brioche bun, mixed peppers, carrots and yogurt.