.........and finally from Mr and Mrs Tyas

Mrs Tyas and I would like to thank the school community for the kind words, cards and gifts you have given to us on our retirement.


We first met at a primary school similar to St George’s and very fittingly will leave together at the end of our careers. I know that children and parents at St George’s have appreciated the contribution Mrs Tyas has made over the eight years she has taught at St George’s. She has typified that close relationship between staff, parents and children that is such a hallmark of the way we do things at St George’s.


After twenty four years as a head teacher, nineteen at St George’s, I have come to realise that head teachers can only succeed when they embrace the communities they serve. Head ship is like a journey; sometimes the road is smooth at other times a little bumpy


St George’s Primary school will carry on up the road on that journey in its rather unique way. The community of St George’s will always reflect life in general with its hope, joy and occasionally stumbles. As the head teacher of the school and community, I feel it has been my role to prepare for the hope, celebrate the joy and encourage support for each other when the stumbles arrive.


Mrs Tyas and I wish you and everyone at St George’s all the best in the future.





Mr S Tyas