The school places attendance high on the school agenda and prides itself on very good attendance over the years. If your child is absent, the school will need to know the reason why. If your child is ill please let us know by telephone as early as possible that morning (a letter sent in with a sibling will also be sufficient). If appropriate we then authorise the absence. It is vital we know of the cause of the absence as we will contact the family of any child absent without a reason. We would encourage any medical appointments such as dentist or doctors to be completed out of normal school hours. We do appreciate that this is not always feasible and would ask that you again inform the office if the absence is for medical purposes so it can be logged accordingly.

Persistent illness would indicate that further queries may need to be made and evidence via a doctor’s note or prescription may be requested. The school nurse is available for help and advice for those parents dealing with a child with a persistent medical condition.

The school day starts promptly at 8.45am. Arriving late can not only affect the child’s learning and ability to settle into the school day but can also affect the child’s attendance record. Persistent lateness may also lead to the school querying whether support is needed.

Please note that children are not allowed to be absent throughout the school year for a family holiday or event. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. a parent being deployed for military service, a request for leave may be granted. This request will be at the head teacher’s discretion and will be looked at in light of the child’s general attendance record, plus the exceptional circumstances surrounding the request. This leave must be applied for via a form that can be collected from the school office.

For safety reasons children are not allowed out of school during school hours without the presence of a parent or carer. Please contact the school office if you wish to collect your child for any reason.


Medicines and Health Issues

Under most normal circumstances children will not need to take medicines in school. Medication prescribed for three times a day can be given morning, home time and evening. If your child is prescribed medicine four times a day, it is probable that they are not well enough to come to school. In exceptional circumstances of parents wishing their children to have medicines in school the following DFES guidelines must be followed.

  1. Name of medication.

  2. Dosage and time of administration.

  3. Reason for the administration.

  4. Name and telephone number of doctor responsible for prescribing medication.

  5. Any possible interaction with other medicines.

  6. Reason why medication is needed.

  7. Time medication needs to be administered.

Please let the school know if your child has any medical condition. Asthma inhalers are kept in the school office unless there is a specific instruction from a doctor. This ensures the inhaler is always available. The school provides a consistent first aid cover throughout the school. All incidents are recorded and parents informed where appropriate. This applies particularly to any bump on the head.