British Values

St George’s C of E Primary School supports British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. We believe that this approach fully complements our Christian ethos as a Church of England Primary School.

The school will promote these values through our everyday work. This includes the PSHE and RE curriculum. Assemblies and daily Acts of worship are a crucial vehicle to embed these values within the school ethos. This approach is supported by policies in school including the Behavior Policy and Equality policy.


The school will take part in specific activities to promote these values. The School Council is elected by the children and plays an active role in the decision making in the school. Whilst the assemblies are of a broadly Christian nature we promote understanding and tolerance of other faiths and none. Children are encouraged to openly discuss thoughts and idea. We are taking advantage of the election in 2015 to inform and involve our children in the democratic process.


The school actively monitors children’s attitudes and has robust procedures for identifying issues and taking action. All staff are to be trained to identify potential problems, such as radicalization, and understand reporting procedures where pupils or staff fall short of our expected standards.


School Governors have been involved in putting the policies and procedures in place and monitor on a termly basis through the Safeguarding Committee