Heads Welcome

St George’s C of E Primary School was judged ‘outstanding’ in all aspects by Ofsted in March 2014. It was also judged an outstanding school by the Church of England inspection in June 2014

I am delighted to welcome you to St George’s C of E Primary School.

The school is committed to developing capable, confident young people who can go on to play a positive role in the wider world.

We all work together in the Christian ethos of a Church of England Primary School. This is an open partnership, which includes the whole school community. This partnership of governors, teachers, support staff, children and parents has put together a ‘Vision Statement’ to guide us in all our work. This is highlighted on the inside cover of this prospectus.

The school community strives to enable all children to reach their full potential. We believe that sport, art, drama and music, play a crucial role in developing the whole child.


The school is committed to support each child to enable them to become part of the school community. Our Positive Behaviour Policy and Anti-bullying Code outline our approach to including all children in school life. This includes an active and successful School Council. We believe in rewarding children and raising their self-esteem, and providing firm support when children fall short of our high standards.


The school accommodation has been improved recently with three new classrooms.

A specialist sports teacher has worked across age groups in school. This initiative has further enhanced the school’s sporting tradition.


 I always encourage an open dialogue with parents. You will see me around school in the mornings and at the end of the school day. Please feel free to talk through any issue you wish.