School Performance Data

Assessment data

School data for 2016, 2017 and 2018 is available on the website. We have also put a link to the DFE data website for all primary schools.

Please note testing and reporting changed in 2016. The change is reflected in presentation of results. All data is up to date at the time published.


The school data focusses on the key year 6 performance. There are comparisons with schools nationally. Information is given on year 2 tests, phonic screen at year 1 and Early Years Foundation Stage.


Ofsted Report

The school was given an outstanding grade at Ofsted in March 2014. We have included a link to the school Ofsted report.

Ofsted Report 2014 [ pdf | 2mb ]
Performance Data 2016 [ pdf | 1mb ]
Performance Data 2017 [ pdf | 1mb ]
Performance Data 2018 [ pdf | 1mb ]