Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policies

"Pupils concentrate well and persevere so that they understand their work and develop skills to a high level. their behavior and attitudes make an outstanding contribution to their learning." Ofsted 2014

Positive Behaviour Support Policy

Good behaviour is at the heart of a good school. Children need to be supported in learning to approach school in a positive manner. Copies of the Behaviour Support Policy and Anti Bullying Policy are available from the school office. Our approach to discipline and behaviour starts with creating an environment in which children feel secure and enjoy coming to school. There are lots of opportunities and rewards for our children. If children do not behave in an appropriate manner there are various levels of support and appropriate sanctions to apply. Throughout this support we will work closely with the parents.

The issue of potential bullying is taken very seriously. We consistently reinforce the need to identify potential bullying and manage any incidents. Issues are discussed weekly with key staff and regular 'Friendship Days'are celebrated every half term.

We have high expectations of all our children and we help each one of them to achieve appropriate standards of behaviour. The behaviour support system is supported by the school Children and Families Support Team.