Teaching and Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning and the Curriculum at St George’s


"Most pupils make rapid progress because teaching is outstanding. Teachers use their excellent knowledge of what pupils already know to plan suitable work for all ability groups."


St George's C of E Primary School is very proud of the standards of teaching and learning. We aim to provide the best learning environment with the best teachers. The school has had a policy for some time to employ only the very best teachers with outstanding potential. The school then concentrates on developing those teachers to take on leadership and management roles within St George's and in support of other schools.


Our curriculum is a blend of the best of modern practice with a common sense approach to teaching and learning. Our curriculum is exciting and varied therefore catches the enthusiasm of our children. We concentrate on the basics for learning to enable our children to excel.


Phonics and Reading

The school has a focus on phonics in the early years. We believe that if children are to become successful and enthusiastic readers they need to develop a wide range of reading skills as they move through school. The school uses Oxford Reading Tree as a core scheme, then supplements with a wide variety of quality literature throughout school.



Our mathematics teaching reflects the most up to date approach to producing numerate young people. We have been a partner in the Shanghai project and have supported other schools in developing successful maths teaching across the region.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Our children will grow up in an increasingly complex technological world. We must equipment to thrive in that world of tomorrow. To support this aim the school is undergoing major development in the teaching of the STEM subjects. The school has invested significantly in IT infrastructure and has an exceptionally talented workforce to deliver in this key area.


Field Trips and Educational Visits

We have maintained our belief that children learn best when adsorbed by the curriculum. We therefore offer a wide range of first-hand experience to support our teaching.


Wider Curriculum

St George’s has had a reputation for some time for providing an extensive curriculum with quality extended learning opportunities. This includes outstanding sports provision and a genuine commitment to the arts.


Organisation for Learning

St George’s operated a setting policy at Key Stage 2 for maths and English teaching. Each year group is organised into three sets. This reduces class size where most appropriate and allows us to support children with their learning in the most effective way.