Teaching and Learning Policy

At the centre of the Teaching and Learning Policy is the creation of a positive learning environment which leads to successful teaching and learning. The school ethos underpins the whole school approach to teaching and learning where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential, regardless of their academic ability.

Emotional Learning Environment

At St George’s we believe that children learn best when they work in a supportive, positive environment. This is illustrated in the following way:

  • All children’s problems are issues for all staff to deal with in a positive manner.
  • A safe and secure school where children are involved, consulted and valued.
  • Children’s security is enhanced by school and classroom routines.
  • Children are welcomed into school each morning by happy, confident teachers. This positive approach from teachers needs to be maintained all day, every day. The teachers approach to children should be characterised by humour and enjoyment of teaching.
  • Children are rewarded for their efforts across the whole range of educational experiences in school.
  • Support for children who find learning difficult is thorough and consistent. This includes children who from time to time need support to encourage positive behaviour.
  • Children are taught and supported to be independent learners with learning skills that they will take forward in life.
  • Teachers do not raise their voices, other than in extreme circumstances where the situation has been thought through first.
  • Work in school can be described as ‘low threat, high challenge’.
  • Children are supported in having high expectations of themselves and others.
  • Children are consistently supported in their relationships with other children and adults. This includes the school prioritising concerns about bullying.
  • Children need to extend respect to all adults within the school community and have an expectation that they will receive respect in return.
  • Children should be active learners with strong and persistent attitudes to learning.


Physical Learning Environment 

Classrooms will be laid out to enhance children’s sense of security and to maximise learning within the classroom. This is illustrated in the following way:

  • A welcoming classroom environment in which children can work independently and co-operatively.
  • Appropriate resources, accessible to children across all curriculum areas to encourage independent learning.
  • The school will be kept tidy and clean. Children, supported by class teachers should take responsibility for personal areas such as trays and lockers.
  • School grounds should be kept tidy, safe and attractive.
  • Where possible, displays should reflect all children’s work and celebrate achievement.


Successful Teaching

At St George’s, Quality First Teaching is fundamental to the success of our school.  

  • All teaching is appropriately planned, resourced and prepared.
  • Objectives for learning are clear and match children’s learning needs. These learning needs are subject to consistent and rigorous assessment. (See School Assessment Policy and Marking Policy)
  • Each lesson will have a WALT (We Are Learning To) and a WILF (What I’m Looking For)
  • In Key Stage 1 children are taught in classes and grouped for some activities. In Key Stage 2 children are taught in sets for Maths and English and taught in classes for all other curriculum areas.
  • Children have individual targets that are set by the class teacher.
  • Teachers will set out the ‘Big Teaching Picture’ as often as possible to enhance children’s access to learning.
  • New Primary Curriculum will be followed with flexibility and creativity.
  • The needs of individuals are responded to by class teachers.
  • All lessons should have a balance of teacher led, teacher directed and independent work. There should be significant designated time for review and consolidation of learning. Typically this will be through plenary sessions both during and at the end of lessons.
  • The school will consistently stay at the forefront of teaching research and development and incorporate successful approaches in teaching at St George’s.
  • Where possible, teachers will adopt the Geoff Hannon approach when teaching. For example: boys and girls are encouraged to work collaboratively; staff will teach complex processes in 3 or 5 steps; praise is given appropriately to boys and girls based on their needs.


Successful Learning

Successful learning takes place where children are settled and secure. They do not feel pressured or threatened. They are motivated and clear about what it is they are to learn. Our successful learning is illustrated in the following way:

  • Children work in a ‘can do’ environment in which the class teacher expects success and celebrates it openly.
  • Learning skills are taught and consistently referred to and celebrated along side objectives achieved.
  • Successful learning builds upon previous learning and spirals upwards from a common starting point.
  • Teaching assistants play a key role in enhancing learning opportunities within the classroom.
  • Teachers will set out the ‘Big Learning Picture’ as often as possible to enhance children’s access to learning
  • The pace of the lesson needs to be appropriate to the needs of the children in the lesson.
  • Teachers consistently share with children what they have done well and where they go next in their learning.
  • Children are encouraged to learn from their mistakes.
  • Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’, even if the work they are doing is very challenging.


Teachers need to create a positive learning environment in each lesson if learning is to be successful.


School Ethos

At St Georges Primary School, we aim to develop confident, young citizens who are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. We do this through providing high quality education in a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment where children flourish and feel valued and respected.

We develop children’s spiritual dimension by fostering a sense of wonder, joy and amazement. We work consistently within the Christian ethos of a Church School by promoting respect and tolerance of others and of their beliefs; pride in themselves and their achievements, and care and consideration for the environment.

We have created a school curriculum in which initiative and independent thought and enquiry are valued. We ensure the children have a wide range of enriching experiences and opportunities, to encourage an enjoyment of learning as a life-long process.

We are committed to establishing positive relationships between staff, children, parents and the community of St George’s by creating an approachable and welcoming environment.