West Mercia Police - Parking

As part of an initiative to increase pedestrian safety outside local schools, Safer Neighbourhood policing teams are to take a preventative course of action in the hope of raising awareness to drivers, parents or guardians to the well being of children, thereby promoting road safety to reduce road casualties.



We would like to remind you of the following to prevent unnecessary obstruction of the road or entrance to your son/daughter’s school which benefits all parties:-



You must keep the ‘School keep Clear’ Zigzags free from vehicles. These markings mean that YOU MUST NOT STOP, even to drop off or pick up.

Park so that you do not cause any inconvenience to anyone else.

Do not park illegally – fines start at £30.

Do not drive or park on the pavement – children are taught the pavement is a safe place to be.

Do not park on single yellow lines if restrictions are in place which will be clearly visible on street furniture such as lamp posts.

Do not park on double yellow lines, these protect the junctions and allow motorists the visibility they need.

Do not park in designated Bus Stop Bays where it is marked on the road in yellow and signed.

Park away from road features such as traffic islands so that other road users including large vehicles, lorries, fire engines, coaches can get through

Dropped kerbs are there to assist pushchair and wheelchair users to cross the road, do not park so that you block them.

Never park so as to stop a resident or trader from getting on or off their property and if you are doing this you must move by law when asked to do so.

Do not park on verges, as you may damage them, or any utilities underneath. The local authority can charge you for the cost of the repair.

Drive slowly at school times, children may suddenly step out into the road, this allows you time to stop safely.



Vehicles identified causing any of the above offences may be subject to prosecution