100 Things to do at St Georges

What is St George’s Really All About - "100 things to do at St George’s"

We really do think we have a unique ethos and way of working at St George’s. we have compiled ‘100 things you can do whilst learning at St George’s. Why not try them all!!

  1. Play in a school team
  2. Sit around a fire
  3. Search for mini beasts
  4. Take part in a school run
  5. Compete in a cross country event against other schools
  6. See a play or drama
  7. See a pantomime
  8. Visit a historical site or building
  9. Take part in dance
  10. Do a fitness programme
  11. Read every day
  12. Write a poem
  13. Write a story
  14. Write up a historical event
  15. Go on a night walk
  16. Climb a rock face
  17. Paddle a canoe
  18. Dress up posh for charity
  19. Write to a friend in Kenya
  20. Learn in the outdoors
  21. Visit an art gallery
  22. Sing a solo
  23. Perform in a musical
  24. Perform in a play or drama
  25. Be part of a Christmas Nativity
  26. Run a stall as a business.
  27. Help younger children to read.
  28. Help out at dinner time
  29. Keep the school tidy
  30. Say a prayer in assembly
  31. Lead a prayer in assembly
  32. Be ‘Star of the Week’
  33. Go to a party
  34. Meet your targets in your work
  35. Get a pen licence for handwriting
  36. Make some technology
  37. Use a laptop and ipad
  38. Present a PowerPoint 
  39. Be part of an assembly for parents
  40. Sing in a choir
  41. Sing in a theatre
  42. Sing in a church
  43. Go down a mine
  44. Build a raft
  45. Go surfing
  46. Help out a friend
  47. Be a peer mentor
  48. Be a School Councillor
  49. Be a Junior Road safety Officer
  50. Raise money for other children
  51. Get an attendance award
  52. Assess your own work and make improvements
  53. Conduct a science experiment
  54. Walk up a mountain
  55. Play a musical instrument
  56. Be part of a Samba Band
  57. Help out at lunchtime
  58. Run a club for other children
  59. Wear wellies and waterproofs and get wet
  60. Have an assembly job
  61. Read 5 times a week, every week of the school year.
  62. Learn to swim.
  63. Compete in the school swimming team.
  64. Help out in the school office
  65. Get Dragon Awards
  66. Run in a race
  67. Pray in Church
  68. Paddle in a river
  69. Climb up a gorge
  70. Make sandwiches
  71. Bake bread
  72. Learn to sew 
  73. Grow plants with Gardening Club
  74. Do relaxation
  75. Take part in yoga
  76. Take part in cheer leading
  77. Play football
  78. Play cricket
  79. Play rounders
  80. Play rugby
  81. Play ‘Ultimate Frisbee’
  82. Play netball
  83. Work with an artist in residence
  84. Learn spellings
  85. Look after our world
  86. Reduce green house gases
  87. Choose whether to be a Christian
  88. Learn, respect and understand other religions
  89. Learn how to cope with problems
  90. Keep safe from strangers
  91. Keep strong and away from drugs
  92. Learn about growing up and how you change
  93. Learn about keeping safe on the roads
  94. Learn about how to eat healthily 
  95. Learn how to dress properly for school
  96. Respect all other people regardless of colour, creed or race 
  97. Reach your potential with your learning
  98. Have aspiration for your future and everyone future
  99. Have fun and enjoy yourself
  100. Remember for ever ‘Everyone Matters and Everyone Achieves’