Teaching and Learning in English

“Children develop a love of reading, read enthusiastically and regularly across a wide range of topics and talk excitedly about their favourite books and authors.” Ofsted March 2014

Reading and writing are at the core of the school’s success. Children’s progress in English was identified as ‘ exceptional’ by Ofsted. We combine a sharp focus on basic skills such as phonics and grammar with an exciting curriculum.


In the Early Years (Foundation Stage) there will be an emphasis on vital speaking and listening skills, combined with building knowledge of letter sounds through synthetic phonic programme. Children will begin to develop independence in their reading and writing.


As the children progress through Phase1, there will be a comprehensive and systematic approach to the learning of phonics. For some children this will continue through Phase 2. Children will be introduced to group reading as well as being heard individually. Liaison with home, through our reading record, enables a genuine learning partnership to develop between parents, school and the child. Children will be expected to read five times a week in addition to the structured reading teaching in class.


A structured reading scheme is now established throughout school. This allows children, teachers and parents to track reading progress and celebrate success.


Progress is monitored closely and extra support given if children are not making appropriate progress.

The school creates an environment in which children are encouraged to be fluent readers and writers. Spelling tests and handwriting practise are important elements in raising standards.


Throughout the English curriculum the school believes that the use of good quality children’s literature will enhance the children’s standards in the written and spoken word.