RE at St George’s

At St George’s, we have a Christian ethos and encourage a caring, respectful atmosphere throughout the school. In 2014, our church school was rated ‘Outstanding’ following the SIAMS inspection. We visit our local church on several occasions throughout the school year, including Harvest, Christmas and Easter. We enjoy the opportunity to come together as a school community and celebrate through collective worship.

In Foundation Stage, the children learn about religious festivals such as Diwali, Chinese New Year and celebrate Christian festivals throughout the year.

In Key Stage One, the children begin to develop an understanding of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. They are often involved in role-play activities, as well as visiting the church.

In Key Stage Two, the children build upon their prior learning as well as introducing Humanism and Sikhism. Here, we aim for the children to be making comparisons between the different religions and exploring spirituality. In previous years, Year 6 children have attended the open church event in Shrewsbury.

To find out more about what your child is learning in RE, please see the whole school RE planning below and visit their class blog.

 Year Group

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Early years

RE through play.

Who celebrates what and how?

Festivals – How are they celebrated?

Rolling programme Year 1/2 A

Creation and Thanks Giving. (Jewish, Christian)

Special stories. (Christian and Muslim)

Questions that puzzle us.

Finding out about Christian churches.

Rolling programme Year 1/2 B

Respect for everyone.

Symbols of belonging. (Hindu, Muslim, Christian)

Holy words.

Beginning to learn about Islam.



Is life like a journey? (Christian, Muslim, Hindu)

Leaders and followers in family life. (Jewish, Christian)

Living in harmony.


The five pillars of Islam.

Does a beautiful world mean there is a beautiful God? (Christian and Non-Religious)

Why do some people think Jesus is inspiring?

Sacred places.


Temptation. (Muslim and Christian)


Values. (Christian, Humanism)

Christian Aid and Islamic relief.


Religion and the individual – exploring commitment.

Words of wisdom from Sikhs, Muslims and Christians.

Respect in the community. (Many religions)

Expressing spiritual ideas about God through the arts. (Christian)

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