Welcome to Reception

You’ve made the first step in an exciting journey through our school!

Reception Staff
Mrs Croft
Mrs Garraway
Miss Hedges
Mrs Arrowsmith
Mrs Beech
Mrs Birch
Mrs German

Important information:
Whilst we do not give out formal homework in Reception, we will give out sheets containing follow up work from our guided reading sessions.
We may also set your child mini targets e.g. put their own coat on. We also have termly parents’ evenings where we discuss your child’s progress and targets.
We encourage children to read at home 5 times a week and for you to record this in your reading diaries.
P.E is on Wednesday and Friday. PE kits should be in school on that day.
Water bottles are allowed in classrooms-these must only have water in them.
Children get a drink of milk/water and a piece of fruit during our morning snack time.
Please label all of your child’s belongings to ensure nothing gets lost.

Our Reception values are to:
•Be kind
•Be careful
•Be ready
•Be involved
•Be honest.

These are displayed in each classroom alongside our name chart and we use them to encourage the children to fully participate in all areas of our Reception day.